“You guys are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned so I’m always learning from YOU!!”  Jeff S.


Jeff Scholl, owner and chief pilot of GravityShots, since a young age has been absorbed with flying devices.  Flying full scale planes at age 16 was no small task.  Jeff continued his love for aviation and holds a commercial instrument rating on full scale planes.  With his passion for aerospace, came his passion for photography.  In the late 90s, he started thinking about putting cameras on his flying machines. A Nikon 990 was the first digital camera that went up in the air for GravityShots. It unleashed the possibility of unobstructed views. Since that time in the 90’s Jeff has developed several different HeliCam platforms. Specially configured electric helicopter camera ships, enables Jeff & Adele to capture photographic video angles never before seen. These unique helicopters provide a quiet and, smooth platform producing video and images up to 400 ft. above the ground. With elaborate video down link systems, the HeliCam transmits video back to the ground, allowing them to create the shot.  All Freefly MoVIof their professional systems fly The MōVI gyro stabilized gimbal below, providing smooth video footage out of the camera.  No need to stabilize footage in post production.

With years of experience under their wing and a strive for high quality output, GravityShots continues to experiment with the latest cameras and technology to keep their footage on the cutting edge.

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One of our old school choppers back in 2000 flying a Nikon 990s.