Flathead Valley Aerial Photography

Specialist in overhead photos and video

FAA Approved Aerial Photography & Video

GravityShots’s HeliCam offers a bird’s-eye view that is perfect for exterior architecture, building progress shots, golf courses, insurance agencies, news & development, surveying, land planning, real estate, and much more. Their Remote Control Helicam creates extraordinary aerial photography & video. Imagery from lower elevations allows for greater detail than aerial images taken from an airplane. Now you can see more than just a roof top.  Our pilots have their Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate and Liability Insurance.  Flathead Valley aerial photography specialist since 2000. HELICAM >

Years of Experience & Quality

Obsessed with overhead angles GravityShots has been producing eye catching imagery for over 20 years.  Always on the cutting edge of aerial photography, GravityShots has progressed their systems to creating smooth video footage right out of the camera.  Configured with elaborate down link systems, this allows the creatures to view this imagery from the ground.  The flying systems have also widely progressed from single rotor choppers to stable multi-rotor setups.  Using the best tool to capture the best shot.  Systems ranging from a Quad to an Octocopter.  GravityShots also provides interior walk through video and Interior Matterport Virtual Tours, giving your clients the best representation of their property from the air to the interior. ABOUT>

7/20/2015 Gravityshots.com granted a FAA 333 exemption to commercially operate UAVs in the US. CONTACT US>

GravityShots captivates audiences with HIGH DEF Aerial Video

Unique specially configured remote controlled HeliCams allows GravityShots to achieve smooth low level aerial video. The HeliCam is outfitted with cameras ranging from ARI, Red to Sony FS-7s, cradled in a MoVI gyo stabilized gimbal.  GravityShots footage has appeared on The History Channel, Fox News, Outdoor Channel, ESPN, DIY, and the Versus network. Shows ranging from Mountain Men, The Ultimate Sports Lodge, to Buccaneers and Bones, focusing on unique characters to beautiful homes. PUBLISHED>

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Architectural AERIAL Video & Photography Virtual Tours

Representing a home or design feature with one or two shots is challenging. Architectural Photography allows you to portray the entire story of a home through a powerful aerial image. GravityShots uses their HeliCam and Telescoping mast to obtain photographs of properties with the natural features that surround them. Using lower elevations allows them to capture the front door of a home and the majestic mountain peaks that lay behind it.  Giving the viewer a aerial virtual look at a property.  Combining the aerial tours with interior virtual tours and walk through videos, allows every aspect of a property to be showcased, creating a complete virtual tour. VIRTUAL TOURS>

GravityShots helps preserve historic Flathead Valley negatives

For years Adele has assisted EB Gilliland in scanning and preserving thousands of historic images from Glacier Park, Flathead Valley and more.  His collections are part of Montana’s history, we are now offering prints from these collections.

Collection of EB Gilliland

GravityShots powered by Quadrocopter

Jeff Scholl of GravityShots has joined forces with Quadrocopter. His expertise in the industry remains on the cutting edge. He builds, assembles, and employs their multi-rotor technology. The multi-rotor systems provide a smooth reliable platform for video.

Interested in purchasing one of GravityShots systems?  Check out Quadrocopter.com